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Door is one of the most important interior details, it serves functional and aesthetic cause. Door should be reliable and sound-proof, on the other hand, it should seamlessly blend into interior design.

NAYADA offers full range of doors: single and double winged, single-swing or sliding, with different cores and infills, and allowing access control system installation.

NAYADA offers a wide range of doors for any interior and for any taste.

Types of doors from the company NAYADA
Doors NAYADA-Magic

Doors NAYADA-Magic has a high degree of sound insulation and quiet operation thanks to the use of magnetic locks.

Doors Intero

Doors Intero – elegant detail of a modern office interior. Double-glass door leaf - house development of NAYADA, which has no analogues in Russia.

Doors SLIM

Door Slim – It is an innovative development company NAYADA. An ideal solution for office and private interior. SLIM is a web with single glazing and the most narrow profile piping system profiles NAYADA equal to 23 mm. The door is only tempered safety glass.

Doors NAYADA-Stels

NAYADA Company introduces its new product - an innovative door frame hidden STELS installation.

NAYADA-STELS fit harmoniously into the interior of any room, leaving only the edge of the visible part of the perimeter of the door frame.

Fire-resistant glazed doors

Structurally, the door is a combined aluminum and steel frame filled with fire resistant. The frame of the door frame keeps the fire window. The door leaf is attached to the box by means of overhead loops to regulate the web in different planes.

All-glass doors

Structurally, the glass door is a whole sheet of glass, which, with the help of various accessories, is attached to the door frame. No frames and frames on the door leaf is not.

Laminated Doors

Structurally, the door leaf is covered with laminated plastic.

Laminated doors NAYADA have a high resistance to moisture, abrasion and other mechanical influences.

Doors with aluminum lining

Structurally, the door is an aluminum frame, which is set in the filling material.

The door to the aluminum trim is equipped with aluminum frame, and proprietary company NAYADA.

Exclusive doors



Besides traditional ways of using original doors there can be a more interesting approach: original doors can act as a work of art in itself.

Telescopic box

To provide the capability to install doors into any doorways, NAYADA created a telescopic aluminium frame. Frame design allows to compensate for doorway width difference of up to 50 mm and height difference of up to 25mm. Door frame ledge allows to install the door into doorway without decorative finish. This saves client's time and lowers the costs of doorway slant finishing.


ART-DOORS change the traditional view of the glass doors. The door itself is a decoration of any interior, be it an office, a public place or a living room. ART-DOORS are based on innovative fabric INTERO, is a proprietary NAYADA. On the glass door mounted on an elegant aluminum profile, coated fantasy figure.

SAVANNA Door in leather

As the door trim can be used natural or artificial skin. Hunters can use their trophies. Admirers of exotic NAYADA offers as finishing materials that mimic the skins of rare wild animals - tigers, leopards, cougars, zebra.

BlueStone door in stone veneer

Textured door in stone «Bluestone». Uneven surfaces and different color effects in the individual layers of stone make each object unique. Color, texture and energy of natural stone is ideal for creating exquisite interiors with a strong character.


Door VENEER Natural veneer of fine wood - a respectable classical interior. Mighty veneer doors with mechanical aluminum profiles have a high reliability and durability, always relevant and often used by designers to create a nice cozy atmosphere.

MIX Door

MIX - a cocktail of different finishing materials, a combination of glass and veneer, leather and stone, all limited only by your imagination. Doors MIX suited for creative, demanding natures appreciate extravagant solutions in the interior.


Luxury door in natural leather complement and highlight the sophistication to any interior, whether it is a private house, an apartment or a modern office. Features palette and texture of classic white or black smooth leather to fancy shades and patterns reptile skin.

LEGUAN artificial leather door

LEGUAN Doors - this canvas in imitation leather and textured plastics. Through the use of wear-resistant materials such door is easy to clean and, therefore, indispensable in modern office, cottage or public premises, where the need to highlight the interior.

CRYSTAL all-glass door

Like a precious crystal glass doors CRYSTAL exclusive glass refract light rays and create shades and undertones in the interior. The main advantage of glass doors CRYSTAL is the possibility of realization of unique and ingenious design solutions through the use of the interior. A striking example is the hi-tech style and minimalism, in which the combination of light, lightness and airiness of the space sought installing glass doors.