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Журнал «Генеральный директор», апрель 2017
«Как поддерживать в сотрудниках стремление к саморазвитию»
программа "Сделано в России"
Сделано в России. Производство и экотуризм
В выпуске "Сделано в России" поговорили об архитектуре, экологии и производстве с основателем компании NAYADA и Экопарка "Ясно Поле" Дмитрией Черепковым.

Office interiors portal Office Bit
News on “12 Architects Create Furniture” on the Italian portal Office Bit
The NAYADA “12 Architects Create Furniture” project in the Italian blog SaloneUfficio 2015: le aspettative
Italian architect and journalist, the author of the blog Office Observer, Danilo Premoli has shared his expectations from the upcoming 2015 SaloneUfficio in Milan. Architect Marco Piva, a new member of the project NAYADA "12 Architects. Offices" said well-known blogger on cooperation with the Russian company NAYADA, opening the curtain of secrecy about new products for the furniture of the cabin.

Office et Culture, January 2015
News on the Russian project NAYADA “12 Architects Create Furniture”
NAYADA-Hufcor sliding partitions in the news on the TV channel Rossiya
Transformable partitions appeared in Moscow daycares
Of sliding partitions NAYADA-Hufcor in the news on TV channel Russia

Business Excellence Magazine, No. 12, 2014
Traveling through the Rabbit Hole
Article following a Press tour NAYADA and UNK project

Article on furniture novelties by NAYADA – “12 Architects Create Furniture” project on the Russian Design Hub
Designer offices: Trends in 2014-2015 by NAYADA
Article about furniture innovations NAYADA "12 Architects. Cabinets" on the Russian Design Hub

“Furniture Business” Magazine No. 9 (134)
NAYADA + UNK Project: Tour of iconic spaces
The leader of the national market of office partitions and one of the leading architectural studios of Russia presented the results of joint work.

One of the most exciting projects of Nayada in 2013 –new office for the Mail.Ru Group.
MAIL.RU Group in the e-journal SPEECH
One of the most exciting projects of Nayada in 2013 – a new office Mail.Ru Group.

Portal 4Living
Article on 4Living: NAYADA zones Disney’s office
At 4Living, they talked about NAYADA-Fireproof partitions
“Architecture Herald” Magazine
Among office partitions
Our partition – is an industry standard. Interview with Dmitry Cherepkov on the Office Next portal
NAYADA in the “Construction is in the Details” program on the TV channel Moscow-24
Golden Mile Fitness & Spa project, with the participation of NAYADA, on the pages of the global brand LUXURY Group!
Excursion to offices in a special episode of the TV program Atmosfera
The doors of these offices for prying eyes are opened very rarely. But for us they made an exception.

Moscow 24 News went on a NAYADA excursion
Journalists and bloggers traveled with NAYADA and UNK Project, Moscow offices.

Final report on “Excursions” on the Office Next portal
Post-report on the premiere screening of three Moscow offices, organized by NAYADA and UNK project, visit the website OfficeNEXT

Press tour of NAYADA at RIA Novosti Real Estate
Journalists RIA Novosti Nedvizhimost visited together with NAYADA and UNK project in three of the most unusual and creative offices.

Disney and Microsoft showed all: how the offices of major global companies are arranged
The Correspondent "Square. Available on real estate" Elena Grekova visited with us in the offices of Microsoft, Disney and Alcoholic Siberian Group and saw how the products are created, conquered the whole world.

Press tour organized by NAYADA together with UNK Project in the news at the TV channel Moskva-24
Mail.Ru Games and Odnoklassniki (Classmates) on the pages of In My Room
Almanac of Foreign Economic Activities, No. 2, 2014
NAYADA Success Story in the Almanac of Foreign Economic Activities
LIGHT Design Magazine No. 4, 2014
Correction of Representation. NAYADA and The Vision Care Institute of Johnson & Johnson project
Office Snapshots
NAYADA’s participation in a project combining the offices of Mail.Ru Games and the social
Project Russia Magazine, Issue No. 72
NAYADA’s participation in office project for the Russian Mortgage Bank on the pages of the Project Russia Magazine
Read today on RBC: Press Conference with Dmitry Cherepkov, director of the NAYADA Company, devo
Project Russia Magazine, Issue No. 72
NAYADA in the “Events” section of the Project Russia Magazine
OnOffice Magazine (UK), July-August 2014
OnOffice Magazine on NAYADA furniture collections
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