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Overview of June projects by regional representative offices of NAYADA

31 / 07 / 2013

In June Nayada implemented more than 200 projects in the Moscow Oblast and over 100 projects in Russia and CIS.

Thus, NAYADA-Kazan took an active part in the reconstruction of Terminal 1 and completed the arrangement of premises in Terminal 1A, commissioned before the opening of the 27th Summer Universiade 2013, with a capacity of 1.2 million passengers annually.

The main demand and the desire of the customer — lightness, safety and reliability of structures — are expressed in the interior through the semitransparent partitions of NAYADA-Standart. The total area of the partitions is over 1,450 square meters. NAYADA-Standart partition systems are used in corridors and passages, box offices and checkrooms, and various zones of the airport. The height of some partitions is more than 4.5 meters. To allow for large passenger flows, push open as well as sliding doors using the NAYADA-Standart system were installed.

In the renovated Terminal 1, new generation sanitary cabins were installed, made of reinforced compact plastic. Cabins with overlay doors have excellent performance, are hygienic, practical and durable.

In Yekaterinburg, NAYADA created flexible space for the conference room of President Business Center with the help of two NAYADA-Hufcor sliding partitions. The use of the two partitions at the same time, allows for at least five different configurations of the premises within the same general area, which is especially important for a place where events at various levels are regularly held. Thanks to the transformability and acoustic properties of the NAYADA-Hufcor, the President BC was able to host the Major League Competitions of the 66th Russian Men’s Championship and the 63rd Russian Women’s Championship in chess during June 20-27, 2013.

NAYADA also built firewall partitions in the Yekaterinburg-Expo International Exhibition Center in Yekaterinburg.

The special feature of this project is that the overall height of the structure is 6.7 meters, including 4.6 meters of the glazed section. The translucent and solid NAYADA-Fireproof partitions enclosed the fireproof perimeter of the conference room. In the solid partitions are mounted translucent doors with fire-resistant glass. In addition, fire-resistant glass partition with a height of 11.8 m enclosed the panoramic elevator shaft.

On July 11, the new pavilion of the Yekaterinburg-Expo International Exhibition Center greeted participants and guests of the INNOPROM — the international industrial exhibition.

NAYADA Tyumen completed the offices of Salym Petroleum — a venture created to develop the Salym Oil Fields Group in Western Siberia. NAYADA-Blitz mobile partitions allowed for easy equipping of the work places in an Open Space format.

The company’s representative office in St. Petersburg mounted safe barrier railings in a daycare. The project used tempered laminated glass with rounded corners, so that the children could not cut or injure themselves. A special additional hand railing was installed for the kids, so that they feel comfortable when coming upstairs.

In the central branch of the ProCredit Bank in Chisinau, as part of a major renovation, they installed NAYADA-Standart partitions with stained glass patterns for organizing more convenient cash services to customers and in the conference areas.

In Nizhny Novgorod, NAYADA completed work in five buildings of the Customer Support Center (CSC) of Sberbank of the Russia in the Volga Federal District. As part of the project, mounted were the Nayada-Crystal partitions with doors in aluminum frames, and conference room walls were lined with glass.

NAYADA-MOLDOVA has arranged the interior of the new offices of Miso-Textile. This Turkish factory, sewing clothing for major European brands, is actively developing in Moldova. Together with the Turkish designer Yilmaz Gulseren and costumer project manager Irina Terus, chosen was the elegant NAYADA-Crystal partitions system. A special feature of the work on this project was the urgency of manufacturing and installation of the structure.

Representation Office of NAYADA in Kazakhstan arranged the premises of the Fashion Time Fitness Club. Using NAYADA-Crystal allowed visually hiding the low ceilings and achieving sound insulation. For the comfortable training, the design of the fitness center was complemented with non-standard NAYADA Intero and Slim doors.

NAYADA in Astana arranged the work areas of Zhasyltas. For the entrance lobby they used two types of Nayada-Standart Light systems: double-glazing with shutters and double-glazing without blinds in an aluminum profile with integrated electronic access code. Work zones have Nayada-Standart Light partitions. Such a choice helped the customer to differentiate workspaces, but keep an Open Space atmosphere at the same time.

NAYADA-Astana has finished works on the installation of doors and office partitions in the «Le office» Beauty Salon. The best option for the design of the premises became the all-glass push open doors and Nayada-Standart partitions in anodized coating.

Implementing projects throughout Russia and the CIS, NAYADA constantly expands the scope of its participation, firmly keeping its promise — to CREATE. To create office premises for comfortable work of employees and the prosperity of client companies.