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Meet spring: overview of NAYADA’s regional projects

03 / 04 / 2014

We are glad to present a traditional overview of regional projects of NAYADA. This time, we sum up the work done in a short period of the current year.

Acoustic sliding NAYADA-Hufcor partitions were installed in the Mergen Bator Hotel in Ulan-Ude. Four convertible partitions are used to control the interior space of the conference rooms in the hotel. A special feature of the project is an increased sound insulation of the constructions and finishing of the sections with veneer of valuable wood.


NAYADA-Hufcor H100/H100K sliding partitions proved to be the best solution for the implementation of a project in Ukraine. NAYADA designed an executive’s office, turning it into a convertible space for work and negotiations. The customer wanted his office space to be arranged in such a way that the office could have different functional purposes at the same time. To achieve a stylistic unity of the interior, NAYADA also produced furniture in the same color as the partitions.


NAYADA completed the installation of NAYADA-Standart stationary partitions and NAYADA-Optima+ mobile partitions in the office of Food Trade in Perm.


NAYADA designed the Foreign Literature Corner in the S. Begalin State Republican Children’s Library in Almaty. The work on the project was carried out jointly with the U.S. Embassy in the Republic of Kazakhstan. NAYADA-Crystal partitions and doors were installed in the premises. Partitions, consisting of glass and minimum profile, and an unusual application of frosting on glass, imparted an elegant appearance to the room. The motivating quote «The more you read, the more you know. The more you learn, the more places you visit» is reproduced in three languages: Russian, Kazakh and English.


Intero stationary partitions were installed in the office of Ukraine’s largest multi-industry group, the System Capital Management (SCM). The height of the doors, covering the entire doorway from the floor to the ceiling, is nearly 3 meters.


In Tyumen, NAYADA completed the work on the installation of partitions in the office of the international company Baker Hughes. NAYADA-Standart and NAYADA-Crystal systems with opaque film were selected to create an interior space of the office. NAYADA-Fireproof EI 45 doors, doors in laminated aluminum frames, NAYADA-Crystal pendulum glass doors and NAYADA-Crystal swing all-glass doors in aluminum frames were also installed in the office. Anodized aluminum was used in the finishing of profiles of the partitions and doorframes. In addition, 2.4-meter high doors and doors for specialized premises were used in the project. The design of special doors provides for windows, stainless steel bumpers and grilles.


Partitions on the NAYADA-Standart aluminum profile and NAYADA-Vitrage aluminum glazed doors were installed in the office of the SOGAZ Insurance Company in Surgut.

Office partitions with frosted glass on the Nayada-Standart aluminum profile were installed in the Alliance Business Center in Tyumen.

The representative office of NAYADA in Astana implemented a project for the office of the industrial company TPEP. The main task was the division of the working space into separate zones. The entire interior is designed in the open space style. As a result, NAYADA-Crystal stationary partitions with 3-meter high all-glass doors were installed.


All-glass partitions NAYADA-Crystal were used to design shop windows of the stores in the Maliy GUM SEC in Vladivostok.


The same partition system was used to design shop windows in Okay Hypermarket in St. Petersburg. It is worth noting that the partitions were built according to the drawings, without the final on-site measurement. As a rule, the actual dimensions differ from the design dimensions. The work on the installation of glass partitions, finishing walls, floors and ceilings was carried out simultaneously. This difficult situation did not affect the quality of the work, and all possible difficulties were addressed. As a result, no glass panes, of the constructed 1000 sq. m., needed replacing.


Thus, in the first quarter of 2014, NAYADA implemented over 500 projects in Russia (not including the Moscow Oblast) and in the CIS countries. The classical partition system NAYADA-Standart remains a permanent leader. NAYADA-Hufcor convertible partitions, providing an opportunity to control the interior of the premises, are increasingly gaining popularity.