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Vivid contrast between creativity and rigor: the NAYADA project for the office of GLOBAL ENGINEERING CJSC

05 / 06 / 2014

The new office, in which NAYADA participated, for the general contractor working on civil construction projects – GLOBAL ENGINEERING CJSC – was bright and lively, with an atmosphere of the interior that facilitates business communications.

The customer set us the task of creating an interesting combination of individual offices with Open Space as well as plenty of technical archival space. The management wanted to see a rigorous and modern office with bright accents.

"As a basis of the architectural concept, it was decided to take the sharp contrast between the strict rectangular layout of the premises with an asymmetrical floor pattern and lighting system. The floor pattern smoothly passes by the bright accents in the niches of walls. These niches are in turn connected into a system that creates continuity in the perception of vertical space. Long corridor penetrating the whole room, by these niches and transverse black walls, solves the problem of orientation in the “open-space” premises – says project architect Marianna Karapetyan.

NAYADA-Twin partitions with frosted inserts resolved the issue of zoning of the premises. Partitions, installed around the perimeter of the office, create the major functional areas. Glass ends of partitions are glued using ultraviolet light. Applying UV glass bonding technology at a 45-degree angle allowed the creation of a single glass structure with a protruding right angle.

As a result, the glass constructions turned the office into an open space, which in this case has a clear organizational structure. All niches in the corridor have their functional designations – the specially designated areas are used as open closets, a kitchenette, photocopy areas, spaces for printers, and storage spaces for information materials. The functional niches are hidden by matted NAYADA-Crystal doors.

All elements of the office are performed in a single style. The glass fireproof doors installed at the entrance repeat the profile of the partitions in the office. Even the skirting boards are made from aluminum profiles of partitions and painted in the main tones of interior colors.

Doors in the office are also a continuation of the interior design concept. Black NAYADA laminated doors in a telescopic box practically merge with the black wall. The NAYADA-STELS hidden door installations, which are usually "invisible" in the interior – here on the contrary – stand out from the general background.

"Our new office is a great place for creative freedom, productive work and developing of new ideas. It is spacious, bright, comfortable and functional. Our partners admire the ideas used in ​​the project's implementation. Work in such conditions becomes enjoyable and interesting,” says Denis Cherepov, marketing specialist at the GLOBAL ENGINEERING Group of Companies CJSC.

"In our office, you get the feeling that you are in Silicon Valley or Manhattan, but from your window you see the Novodevichy Convent. It is a pleasure to greet our partners in on our ‘time and space machine’. We’ll be glad to welcome you here as well,” speaks about the new office Alexander Barsegyan, deputy general director for economy at the GLOBAL ENGINEERING Group of Companies CJSC.