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Bright and functional: NAYADA created Renault’s new Moscow office

22 / 10 / 2014

In developing style solutions for the new Moscow office of the Renault Automobile Company, architect Zoran Visnjic (IQ Architects) was guided by the slogan “Drive the Change” and found a modern balance between brightness and functionality in the interior.

While maintaining the look and feel of a business environment, the architects deliberately departed from classic colors and strict design, preferring bright details. Special attention was paid to the functionality of the space. When planning, they took into account the comfort of employees and the optimal use of space. In solving the main task of the organization of the space, NAYADA partitions and doors were very helpful.

The office atmosphere is set with the contrasting combination of corporate colors of Renault – black and egg-yellow egg is used on the walls and partitions. Along the perimeter of the floor are glazed private offices and meeting rooms, which separate the ​​working zone from the business zone. The zones are separated using the NAYADA-Twin Partition System with double glass and white matte film, which creates the effect of isolation inside the rooms, while simultaneously transmitting light into the workspaces. Profiles of the partitions are painted jet black. The reason this partition system was chosen is also due to its functional properties – due to the degree of sound insulation provided by double-glazing – 46 dB, which provides enhanced acoustic comfort in the office. A total of 500 square meters of partitions were installed.

NAYADA laminated doors were installed in the openings of glass partitions. The doors are painted in black and yellow colors, according to the design project. A total of 55 laminated doors were installed.

Another symbolic emphasis in this office, created by specialists of NAYADA – are the glass partitions coated with the names of countries that produce Renault cars. The lettering was produced in special sizes and in accordance with the corporate font.

The NAYADA-Hufcor transformer partition system made it possible to create several small meeting rooms or one large conference. When the space is united, the room becomes suitable for conferences and presentations with many people in attendance. The degree of sound insulation of this design is 42 dB.

One of the challenges of this project was the tight work deadlines. NAYADA specialists had to do the work in stages, as the premises became ready for the new installations. In addition, fragile glass partitions had to be manually lifted to the sixth floor. In the end, NAYADA performed the work of fabrication and erection of all structures in just 1.5 months.