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“Islands” by NAYADA in the library of the British Higher School of Art and Design

18 / 12 / 2014

The British Higher School of Art Design (BHSAD), which trains future professional illustrators, industrial and graphic designers, as well as fashion and interior designers, has changed the looks of its library. The interior of the students’ library has been completely renovated with the help of “Islands” workstations (designed by Arseny Leonovich, manufactured by NAYADA).

The new workspaces, with a pronounced individual character and manufactured in the LEPOTA Design Furniture Factory, were designed to stimulate the creative fruitful activities of BHSAD students. The “Islands” gave the library a new dynamic and bright character. The tables simultaneously provoke a desire for collective work, while their designer partition-columns also provide for comfortable individual work.

The basis for the design of the “Islands” is the image of an amoeba – abnormal, ever-changing, and dynamic. Each table consists of several elements – tabletops and independent partition-columns, which separate a single surface into several work areas, forming a co-working “island” with its microclimate inside the overall premises. Depending on the height, size and finishing of the partition-columns, the workplace turns into bright expressive space.

Particular attention was paid to the choice of finishes and fabrics for the partitions. In the end, five were selected from the Smartballs frameless furniture collection. All of these fabrics are included in the so-called Smartballs “furniture group” – that is, they provide durability, strength and other characteristics that make them suitable for use in upholstery. All together, they create the effect of a tissue collection, and in the difficult conditions – current dark-orange carpet and blue and gray walls of the interior of the library – they have become the perfect bright spot for creative work.

“Work on this project was not easy, as it was necessary to take into account the interests of all parties. After developing a few sketches, we decided to leave only two tables, but make then giants. In contrast to existing finishing materials in the library, we chose a contrasting and harmonious range of upholstery fabrics for the partition-columns, and decided on white countertops, to match the new black and white bookshelves. Now around the new “Islands”, up to 20 students can work at any one time,” said Arseny Leonovich.

About the “Islands” – they are the prize winning work of designer and architect Arseny Leonovich (Bureau Panacom). They won the international competition in the field of design and architecture ‘NAYADA Archi-Challenge: Object 2012’ in the category “Furniture for co-working”. The “Islands” workstations, manufactured by NAYADA, are highly praised in the international community of professionals. The “Islands” – have participated in the largest Russian and international exhibitions, including the Orgatec in Cologne (Germany) and I Saloni 2013 in Milan (Italy).