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NAYADA in the Mercedes-Benz Showroom in Kazan

28 / 07 / 2015

NAYADA helped create a showroom for a Mercedes-Benz dealership, as well as the office premises for the MB-Irbis Company in Kazan. The architects/designers Diana Zabrodina and Radik Garifullin avoided using the corridor-style office design, preferring the open space concept – open bright architectural space, and creating a quite comfortable and dynamic interior of the showroom.

The main benchmark was the Mercedes-Benz brand book – the finishing of walls, floors, furniture, and decorative items all had to match the corporate style. The ecological theme also played a significant role in the interior design – used were various types of decorations, made from wood and other natural materials, and live plants were placed everywhere. The car showroom is divided into several functional areas: trade and exposition, restaurant, children’s area, office zone for working with clients and partners, as well as a garage area for repair and servicing of automobiles.

The S-lounge area, used for the exhibition of S-class cars, is decorated with black triplex, which was used in the NAYADA-Hufcor G-3000 all-glass partitions and automatic doors. The service area is separated from the main hall of the showroom with NAYADA-Fireproof EIW-45 partitions.

It was decided to create the central core of the office zone using veneer from the Regina Line system. The office zone and technical facilities are located around this central core. All the private offices, the reception area, and corridors look rigorous and commanding, with their walls and columns finished with NAYADA-Regina veneered curved panels. Decorative veneered beams pass along the entire radius of the ceiling.

The private offices zone is divided by glass partitions, providing a feeling of light and uncrowded space.

The classroom premises are equipped with a NAYADA-Hufcor mobile partition, which gives the ability to create, if necessary, rooms of different sizes and purposes.

“At first glance, the design project may look merely decorative – a lot of texture, various textures, and natural optimistic colors. However, the foundation is based on the conceptual core – used to design the structure of the building as a whole. Inside the emptiness of the ‘box’, a unique environment was created with columns, which meets the needs of the dealership and contains all the features to provide for the comfortable stay of customers, work of employees, and the specificity of the Mercedes-Benz brand,” noted the architects/designers Diana Zabrodina and Radik Garifullin.