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The GEMSTONE Collection by Francesco Morena for the NAYADA “12 Architects Create Furniture” project

The NAYADA Company presents a new collection in the “12 Architects Create Furniture” project – the GEMSTONE desk for the executive, by the Italian architect Francesco Morena.


The desk serves as the first product of the GEMSTONE. This collection aims to explore the complex relationship between nature and design, as well as to achieve a balance between harmony and functionality.


The chosen forms are modified in space, and transform from a solid metal base that looks like a rock with a variegated surface, to a polished wooden desktop composed of clean and precise cuts. The almost mirror surfaces of the base reflect the colors of the surrounding space. The air moves freely under the surface of the desk and around it.



This effect is intended to create almost a metaphor of the naturally occurring objects that surround us. The surface of the desk and the desk itself seem to be sprouting out of the ground, expressing the idea on ​​how to transform nature into something both beautiful and useful, while remaining in harmony with it.

The desk looks straightforward, light, and balanced – it is strong, with a streamlined shape, not intrusive.



“In fact, this project expresses the contrast between the soft, pleasant to the touch surface – such as olive wood, and solid objects – such as drawers, which have a shiny metallic hue, inherent in natural minerals. The process of pulling out the drawers, each of which has its own form, creates a dynamic and flickering effect by reflecting the plurality of surrounding objects. Hence the name of this collection – Gemstone, inspired by the natural geometric forms and created as a result of cooperation with NAYADA, a company that looks to the future, and which has managed to capture this ‘research’ in the use of forms and materials,” says Francesco Morena, author of the collection.