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New version of the office for the executive PROFILE Plywood, by V. Kuzmin

In the PROFILE collection of the NAYADA “12 Architects Create Furniture” project, we express a desire to create objects in “simple” architectural forms, without external domination of the “design” or the designer. The quality and material properties determine the appearance and the design. Aesthetic characteristics of object develop and generalize the author’s idea. The solution is brought to the conceptual purity of the module and transformed into a product.


The first presentation of the NAYADA Company’s “12 Architects Create Furniture” project took place in 2012 at the ORGATEC Exhibition in Cologne. One of the first versions of the PROFILE office was made of carbon fiber finish. In 2014, NAYADA developers released for sale a new version of this office – the PROFILE Plywood.


The PROFILE office is made of laminated layered-wood plates, clearly demonstrating the main aesthetic property, which is also called design. The material, method of its implementation and design of the product create a unique artistic image. The original idea found its new, but just as clear, expression in the new material.


The laminated layered-wood plates are arranged so that at some point there comes a feeling that the desk was created by a skilled sculptor from a huge block of material. In the new design, the desk reflects one of the most contemporary and modern trends in design – the use of simple and familiar materials that find new a value in the object.


NAYADA developers also took great pains to ensure the functionality of the desk: mounted on the lower part of the support are adjustable pivot bearings, which are flanked on the sides with strips of polished metal. As a complementary accent, embedded in each leg is a strip of polished metal.

A special feeling comes from the finishing on the surfaces: translucent white matt lacquer covers the whole plane of the table, and gives the veneer texture greater depth, and additional aesthetic value to the entire office.