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STELS – Where's the door? New hidden doorframe – the NAYADA-STELS.

The NAYADA Company presents its new product — an innovative doorframe with hidden installation. The NAYADA-STELS harmoniously fits into any interior, leaving visible only the edging along the perimeter of the doorframe.

Doors with a hidden frame are installed with the use of modern technologies and can suit any design idea, creating an effect of mystery and interior completion.

The hidden frame is mounted in the doorway on a framework made of PS and PN 75 × 50 mm profiles. After the mounting, the entire structure is planked with plasterboard, thus hiding the frame. The result is an elegant door with a hidden frame, which does not break the integrity of the design.

The size of the doorway for the installation of the hidden frame is 930 × 2100 mm, which suits the standard leaf of 830 × 2040 mm.

Concealed hinges visually create a monolithic door, protecting it from mechanical damage. In addition to the visual appeal, these concealed hinges have another important advantage — additional security, it is much more difficult to break a door with hidden hinges than the common type. The gap between the hidden frame and the leaf is only 4 mm.

The following types of door leaf can be used with the NAYADA-STELS hidden installation frame on Kubica KUBI K7080 hinges:
— Leaf made of MDF 40 and 60 mm and a quarter;
— Texture leaf in the front profile;
— Combining leaf;
— Laminated leaf.

After the installation, the door leaf, made of MDF, can be painted in the color of the walls, wallpapered or graphics can be applied to it.

The NAYADA Company is always moving forward and continuously monitors the new trends in the field of construction and architecture. Rich experience and a creative view on the world, enables the company’s specialists to experiment and surprise customers with a wide range of new products.