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We were born on the 9th of August 1995. Back then we were just a group of people united by one big idea – to create a COMPANY, which would make the world more beautiful. We wanted to create something beautiful and useful at the same time. After thinking it over we decided to create working spaces for people. In order that the source of our creative inspiration never dried out, we named our company after the Greek hydriad, the keeper of springs NAYADA.

NAYADA Company has been developing fast: the product range has been enhanced, the company has entered new markets, the number of employees has grown.

NAYADA was founded in the year when the eldest child was born in the family of the company president. It was a good sign and became a heart-warming tradition within the company: all our staff is a big family, and love for kids became NAYADA's trademark.


Our one-word motto – Create!

Create beautiful and useful products for workspace organization.

Create space for the growth of individuals and companies.


To ensure maximum customer satisfaction by improving the efficiency of our work, using a flexible management system and involving a team of professionals.


Reliability and usefulness – to do what is needed on time.

Creativity and beauty – this is what provides the energy to move towards goals.

Growth – constant development and improvement, in the first place this applies to our professional skills.

Our History


On August 9, 2015, the NAYADA Company celebrated a jubilee – 20 years since its founding! Today NAYADA has 20 offices and over 1,000 employees. Annually, NAYADA sells over 4,000 projects of different scope and complexity across Russia and the CIS countries. NAYADA has developed 20 of its own partition systems that address a variety of tasks when it comes to planning premises. We have 20,000 square meters of high-tech production facilities. Over the years, NAYADA managed not only to contribute to the popularity of “office fashion”, but also to show that the “Made in Russia” can mean beautiful and of high quality.
New furniture creations within the NAYADA “12 Architects Create Furniture” project were presented at the international exhibition of the furniture industry – the I Saloni 2015. Today this project represents the work of eight architectural teams, including five Italian and three Russian. The main idea of ​​the exhibition – to show the entire history of this famous project, which started back in 2012.


The 20th representative office was opened in the city of Surgut (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area).


In 2012, NAYADA was voted as the best supplier of the year in the RATING NEXT, at the Best Office Award International Awards.
NAYADA announced the launch of its new production line for glass tempering of a new generation – Tamglass. The line was started at the NGT Factory, a member of the NAYADA Group of Companies. This is the first time that equipment of this type and class is being produced in Russia.
NAYADA presented a new architectural project – “12 Architects. Executive Offices”. Industrial designs of furniture items were presented in Russia at the “Arch Moscow” and in Germany at the ORGATEC Exhibition.


NAYADA started production of special furniture. In 2011, at the exhibition I Saloni 2011 in Milan, NAYADA announced the opening of a new direction – Lepota Design Furniture.
NAYADA – means transparency and crystalline beauty. In 2011, our company launched a production facility for glass processing – the NAYADA Glass Technology.


NAYADA expanded its boundaries. In 2007, NAYADA opened an office in Italy (Verona) and at the Milan Furniture Salon, the company introduced the NAYADA-Intero fixed partition system – and Russia. NAYADA became the first Russian company to take part in this main international event in the field of interior design.


NAYADA – is synonymous with «quality». NAYADA became the first Russian manufacturer of office partitions to receive in 2005, the certificate of conformity to ISO 9001:2000. In 2011, NAYADA received another certificate – the ISO 9001:2008.
NAYADA is on the move. Some of our employees, for their work under difficult conditions at an especially important EMERCOM facility, were awarded medals......
NAYADA gives the opportunity to experiment and helps young architects and designers to realize themselves. In 2005, NAYADA, together with the Union of Architects of Russia, organized, and now annually sponsors, the International Architectural Contest «Office Space: creativity, technologies, and innovations».
NAYADA – the Valiant. Several NAYADA employees received awards from EMERCOM – Medals of Merit for strengthening the community in the name of saving lives.


NAYADA – means absolute safety. In 2004, NAYADA was the first in Russia to have tested and certified its own fire protection system – the NAYADA-Fireproof, receiving the EI-90 certificate (fire resistance of 108 minutes).


NAYADA – always there. Based on the principles of partnership, the company has created the largest Global Office System, providing design services and servicing NAYADA products in Russia and abroad. The first regional office of NAYADA opened in 2001 in Kazan.


NAYADA chooses dynamism. In 1998, NAYADA started its own production of mobile partitions. Russia’s first product is gradually making “open space” a popular and affordable option for the organization of offices in Russia.


NAYADA – the pioneer. In 1997, NAYADA created the first Russian office partitions, which later became the industry standard – the NAYADA-Standart. The unique technical solutions used in these partition systems are confirmed by multiple patents.


First, there was the word, and the word was – Create. Then, came the Business – The creation of space. August 9, 1995 – birthday of the company.
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Every year NAYADA accomplishes more than 2500 projects in Moscow and more than 2000 on the territory of Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Kazakhstan and Lithuania.

The company headquarters are situated in Moscow (Russia and CIS) and Verona (Europe). 20 regional offices are located in large Russian cities and CIS countries: Saint-Petersburg, Nizhni Novgorod, Samara, Kazan, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Perm, Rostov-on-Don, Chelyabinsk, Kiev, Almaty, Kishinev, Tyumen, Vilnius, Krasnodar. Krasnoyarsk.

A vast dealer network of the company spreads from Arkhangelsk to Vladivostok.

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