«What is the procedure of work with a client?»

NAYADA uses the following order of work with clients:

  1. The customer sends by e-mail or by fax the layout of the room, where it is planned to install partitions, and clearly describes how he wants the room to look.
  2. NAYADA Project Manager develops the design, calculates required quantity of materials and components and determines cost of the order.
  3. Having received the payment, we deliver materials and components (to dealers) or install partitions on site (for end customers).
«Is it possible to reinstall the partition?»

Mobile partition can be rather easily reinstalled even without involvement of an installation specialist. It is also possible to move non-relocatable partition to a new place, but if the sizes don’t match together, extra materials and components may be required. Designers of NAYADA CJSC found a solution for rooms that from time to time need to be partitioned: operable partitions. They help to isolate space in a few seconds.

«What types of partitions exist?»

It is a common practice to divide office partitions in the two main types: non-relocatable and relocatable ones. NAYADA-Standart, NAYADA-Tempo, NAYADA-Regina, NAYADA-Crystal, NAYADA-Fireproof NAYADA non-relocatable partitions are fastened to walls, floor, sometimes to ceiling (including drop ceiling). NAYADA-Blitz, NAYADA-Optima mobile partitions serve for space delimiting, for creating psychological comfort. Similar to furniture, mobile partitions are not fastened to walls or floor, they can be easily moved from one room to another and assembled in a different configuration, often without involvement of specialists. In addition, the systems of partitions can be equipped with various doors, tabletops, detachable office equipment, wiring boxes, etc.

«Where can I see NAYADA systems?»

You can see NAYADA office partitions systems in NAYADA CJSC headquarter located at: 6, Berezhkovskaya Emb., Moscow, and in offices and show rooms of our dealers in Moscow and in the Russian regions. Apart from that, NAYADA partitions are exhibited at annual shows like MosBuild (April) and Furniture (November) in Moscow, construction and furniture exhibitions in the Russian regions (Kazan, Samara, Perm, Tyumen, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhniy Novgorod, etc.).

«How long does the installation take?»

In average, installation of non-relocatable systems in 30-100 sq.m office takes 4 days. In the first day, materials and equipment are delivered and preparatory work is done. In the second day, the partition frame is installed. In the third day, partitions are installed. In the fourth day finishing work is done and the client accepts the work. Work is not accompanied by “wet” processes and doesn’t disturb normal operation of the office. Upon the client request, the installation can be carried out in nighttime.

«What is the term of delivery?»

At the warehouse there is a stock of sections and components of basic colors: silver and white aluminum sections for partitions and doors frames and over fifteen of the most popular colors and finishes. For order within the range stored at the warehouse, the term of delivery is 3-5 working days. Sections and components of non-basic colors are usually delivered within 2-3 weeks from the date of request.

«What is the procedure for delivery to Russian regions?»

The customer transports the goods by motor vehicles or by railway. As a rule, our regional dealers carry out installation at regional facilities. It’s possible to send to a region a group of installers and/or a specialist for installation supervision.

«What discounts are granted to dealers?»

We offer a system of discounts. Their size depends on the form of cooperation you choose.

«How can wires be hidden?»

Combined modules of mobile and non-relocatable partitions have a special box for wires. It ensures a quick access in case of repair or installation of additional plug sockets. We use boxes of famous companies like Legrand and Thorsman that can be perfectly integrated into NAYADA partitions systems.

«How many years has the company being in the market?»

NAYADA was established on August 9, 1995. During these years, thousands of contracts for delivery of components and installation of office partitions systems were fulfilled. The company clients are Russian and foreign firms, embassies and educational institutions, banks, construction and development companies, design and engineering companies, construction materials and office equipment distributors and many others.

«What is office partition?»

NAYADA office partition is a rapidly installed wall. Frames of aluminum or steel sections and panels made of different materials are used to erect partitions. Depending on their functions, design and ergonomics requirements, the panels can be made of the following materials: glass, plaster board, various plastics, metal, wood fiber board, laminated or veneered flake board, natural wood, etc.

«Is it possible to make cost estimate?»

It’s possible to make a cost estimate. But you should bear in mind that such an estimate will give only general idea of the price. In order to determine the cost of your NAYADA partition, please call a manager and give him information about dimensions of the room and partition. You will receive detailed calculation within two days.

«What is the price of installation?»

The installation costs from 10 to 25 per cent of the materials and components cost, depending on dimensions of the room: as a rule, the more area of installed partitions is, the less share construction and installation work has in total value of the order.

«What are transparent partitions for?»

Transparent partitions can be used for a number of reasons. Firstly, a manager can effectively control the staff, which is literally “in sight”. Secondly, translucent constructions draws natural daylight inside internal rooms. Thirdly, transparent partitions create transparent business atmosphere for clients and partners, help to establish relations based on confidence and mutual understanding.

«What materials are NAYADA office partitions made of?»

Supporting frame is usually made of aluminum, sometimes – of steel sections. The frame sections are painted both in basic colors (white or silver) and in any RAL color (about 1 500 shades) in accordance with customer requirements. The panels can be made of the following materials: glass, plaster board, vinyl coated Durafort, various plastics, metal, wood fiber board, laminated or veneered flake board, natural wood, etc.

«Where are they used?»

Although NAYADA partitions are called “office partitions”, this does not mean that they can be used only in office. Shopping centers, transportation terminals, banks, public institutions, production areas, fitness centers, educational and scientific institutions – this is not an exhaustive list of facilities, where NAYADA partitions are used.

«What is the address of the company office?»

Moscow, Berezhkovskaya Embankment 16a, Riverside Station business center, 3rd floor, Kievskaya metro station. For more detailed information (how to find us, phone numbers, e-mail) go to Contacts Page.

«How installation is performed?»

Mobile partitions systems are delivered on site in the form of pre-fabricated modules, which are installed in a few minutes. Non-relocatable systems are installed “on site”: at first the frame is mounted and after that the panels of appropriate size are produced. Depending on area of the building, partition type and kind of used components (for example, whether basic or non-basic color of the sections are used), work can take from several days to several weeks. In both cases the installations is a high-tech process, which doesn’t disturb normal operation of the office.

«What is maximum height of NAYADA office partitions?»

Maximum height is 6 meters for non-relocatable systems and 2.2 meters for mobile systems. Operable partition requires individual calculation.