Vitrage doors are designed for installation in all NAYADA stationary partitioning systems, as well as in telescopic and corner doorframes, intended for installation in building openings. Vitrage doors — are one of the most massive and economical solutions for offices.

The frame is based on an aluminum profile of the original section. Vitrage doors use 5 mm thick glass. The thickness of the door-leaf is 40 mm. Vitrage come in two types: Vitrage I and Vitrage II. Vitrage I has a single filling, Vitrage II-double filling. The design feature of the Vitrage II model allows the installation of blinds in the inter-glass door space. This protects the blinds from mechanical damage and gives the doors additional functionality.

Due to the variety of colors that can be used for the finishing of the profile and various fillings, it is possible to make Vitrage doors to match any architectural solution.


 Maximum door-leaf height 2 500 mm
 Maximum door-leaf width 900 mm
 Options for filling glass 5 mm, chipboard 8 mm, MDF 5 mm
 Types of coating RAL, decor, anodized
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