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ART-DOORS change the traditional view of glass doors. The glass door itself becomes an ornamental element of any interior, be it an office, public place, or a living quarters.

ART-DOORS are created on the basis of the innovative INTERO leaf, which is a proprietary development of the NAYADA Company. Double-glazed INTERO leafs allow for the placement of drawings on both glass panes. This feature expands the design possibilities, the door may be the same on both sides, and it can be painted over entirely or finished with pictures. Glass processing techniques, bold color combinations, the use of metallic shades – all these allow implementing the most daring ideas in interiors.

ART-DOORS INTERO offer a huge selection of patterns and colors, suitable for the home, as well as the possibility of applying logos for offices.

The NAYADA Company offers ready-made designs of ART-DOORS INTERO doors, and the possibility of producing doors to the exclusive designs of customers.

The doorframe can be painted in any color of the door leaf pattern, or any color on the RAL scale.

Into the ART-DOORS INTERO door, it is possible to install frosted or textured glass, as well as the Italian-made OMNI DECOR glass. Doors with OMNI DECOR glass give the interior a translucent appearance, creating a play of light and shadows. The OMNI DECOR glass also provides a 3-D effect, due to the texture applied unto the glass using chemical etching. The variety of OMNI DECOR glass textures will help you find just the right design for your door – there is a glass that looks like flowing water, or like a cobweb, or like reed grass.

There are the INTERO mirrored doors, where instead of glass, the door has a mirrored leaf, which is safe and functional. Mirrored doors are popular in homes, and in the organization of fitting rooms in clothing stores. The mirrored door may serve not only as a piece of furniture, but will also visually expand interior space.

ART-DOORS INTERO doors also come with photographic prints on the glass. The glass door can be imprinted with a masterpiece, or even your own photograph. A photographic print on the door will forever keep your best memories alive.

Standard versions of fittings for ART-DOORS INTERO doors


  • Set of 3 hinges
  • Kubica hidden hinges


  • HSC lock set with Atlanta handle
  • QUADRO Z5-5675 MAB fittings with square socket, color: bronze
  • QUADRO Z5-4675 BN fittings with round sockets, color: nickel
  • QUADRO Z5-5675 BN fittings with square sockets, color: nickel


Maximum size of the entire leaf – 1000 x 3000 mm


The quality management system at NAYADA conforms to the international standard ISO 9001:2000, which guarantees consistently high quality to our products.


The warranty on the door leaf is one year from the date of installation. The warranty period applies only to the construction (excluding mounting hardware and front accessories), and is subject to following the specified operating conditions.

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