BlueStone door in stone veneer

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Textured door in Bluestone. Uneven surfaces and different color effects in the individual layers of the stone make each object unique. Color, texture, and energy of natural stone are ideal for creating interiors with bright distinctive character, be it an office, restaurant, or living quarters.

Maximum size of a door in stone veneer is 1000 x 3000 mm. The door leaf area includes decorative horizontal anodized moldings at maximum intervals of 600 mm.

The Sahara stone veneer door can use the maximum dimensions when applying moldings.

The stone door looks monumental, but due to the use of special construction methods, it weighs less than 60 kg. The special composition, with which the surface of the door is impregnated, protects it from direct sunlight, moisture, and mechanical damage.

Standard versions of fittings for BLUESTONE doors


  • Set of 3 hinges
  • Kubica hidden hinges


  • HSC lock set with Atlanta handle
  • QUADRO Z5-5675 MAB fittings with square socket, color: bronze
  • QUADRO Z5-4675 BN fittings with round sockets, color: nickel
  • QUADRO Z5-5675 BN fittings with square sockets, color: nickel
  • HOPEE Amsterdam fittings, color: matt stainless steel.
комплект замка HSC c ручкой Atlanta Гарнитур HOPEE Amsterdam, цвет матовая нержавейка


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