NAYADA SmartWall WG5


Typically, designers creating transformable glass partitions are forced to choose between maximum soundproofing and maximum transparency. Now this is no longer necessary. The NAYADA-SmartWall WG5 are transparent office partitions that are easy and convenient to transform. The transparency is changed by pressing a button on a remote control, while sound isolation level remains at almost forty-two decibels (averaged noise level of a busy street).

Photo NAYADA SmartWall WG5

Photo NAYADA SmartWall WG5

The NAYADA-SmartWall WG5 transparent partitions, depending on the location, can instantly transform a space into a few rooms, a single hall, and vice versa. As a result, the functionality of the space significantly increases.

The advantages of NAYADA-SmartWall WG5 partitions include the following elements:

  • Aluminum profiles – give the structure lightness.
  • Glass – its transparency can be changed due to the presence of transparency options.
  • Special grommets (telescopic) – equipped with automatic control, which greatly enhances ease of use.

Photo NAYADA SmartWall WG5

The NAYADA-SmartWall WG5 convertible glass partitions are able to effectively organize office space in various public and commercial establishments, such as:

  • classrooms,
  • hotels
  • conference rooms, etc.
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