Fireproof Partition 1 type NAYADA EIW-45


NAYADA-Fireproof EIW-45 fully correspond the requirements of "Fire safety of buildings and constructions" standard.

According to the standard of 01/21/97 (item 5.13), fire-prevention barriers are characterized by fire resistance and fire safety. Fire resistance rate of a fire-prevention barrier is defined by the fire resistance range of its elements

  • protecting part;
  • constructions providing stability of a barrier;
  • supporting constructions;
  • attachment points between them.

Platforms and halls (evacuation zones), elevator area lobbies, staircases, atriums, corridors (evacuation ways), server rooms.


  Thickness of the partition 90–110 mm
  Thickness of gypsum board 12.5±0.5 mm
  Thickness of the fire-resistant laminated glass 18-24 mm
  Maximum height 6 m
  Weight 25–60 kg
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