Mobile partition system NAYADA-Optima +


Solidity and mobility, openness and completeness are the main characteristics of NAYADA-Optima + partition system. It offers a full range of solutions to the functional zoning of lodgements and the rational organization of space.

NAYADA-Optima + system modules can be solid, glazed, glazed with Venetian blinds, combined, combined with Venetian blinds. Built-in adjustable Venetian blinds with a special operating mechanizm can be used in modules with double glazing.

Workplaces based on NAYADA-Optima + system can be easily and quickly completed with office furniture and accessories.

The offices for mid-range managers, working zones, workplaces, offices and technical facilities, etc.


  Thickness of the partition 60 mm
  Maximum height 2.1 m
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