Our principles

You may support any idea, be adherent to authoritarian or democratic management style, prefer the leadership, and control the situation or exercise full fatalism, remain optimistic (we like them better) or get bogged down in the pessimism. The most important thing for us is to be impressed with your results.


It’s the key criteria of your performance in the company. The result is an achievement. The result means an accomplished promise or fulfilled obligation. The result is a basis of confidence. The result is a step to growth.


It is the most important element of the company’s ideology, a category of the attitude to the business. Each employee does his best to achieve the result. And not only in the frames of his job duties in work time. He might be supported by astral forces, circumstances of place and time, or colleagues. This means that each assembler or storekeeper should feel his responsibility for sales volume. He doesn’t have to account for gaining of sales targets, however, he must understand his participation in their accomplishment.


It shouldn’t be mixed with popular so-called “perhaps” principle. It is a definitive value for the company focused on the growth and always ready to have a dig at something new. In contrast to “perhaps” principle, it means absolute involvement in “here and now” and connection to the target. The company is tolerant to mistakes caused by such a risk (however, this doesn’t mean that we welcome them). However, this doesn’t relieve of responsibility. If we take the risk and conclude a contract that should be fulfilled in a very short period of time time, we must do our best to comply with its terms and conditions. The risk should be clearly distinguished from negligence, when, for example, one dispatches or accepts the cargo not having compared it to the waybill.