Fixed partitions

Компания NAYADA производит стационарные офисные перегородки в Москве. Мы предлагаем различные варианты исполнения из стекла, дерева, пластика и ЛДСП на основе профилей из алюминия или нержавеющей стали.


A universal system of partitions based on the aluminum section.


Partitions system based on clipped sections - strengthened safe glass 8, 10 mm thick and fixtures.


NAYADA-Twin stationary partitions system is designed to create a space for various purposes with maximum glazing and special requirements for sound insulation.


A partition system, which combines the integrity of full glazing, fundamentality of blank walls and at the same time elegance of shapes.

halls, conference rooms, lecture halls, reception halls, managers' offices, etc.


Partitions system which allows to create expensive, exquisite interiors in the ecostyle. Partitions panels are produced of MDF or glass. Fine wood veneer is used for MDF decoration.

NAYADA-Regina Line>

Fixed partition with mounted panels produced of fine wood veneer. System has advanced features for assembling panels of different sizes and at any distance from each other practically.

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Nowadays one does not have to erect walls to divide office. This problem is easily solved with the help of office partitions systems. From the point of view of design partitions can be classified into three main types: Fixed, relocatable (mobile) and mobile folding partitions.

Fixed partition is a quickly erected wall on the basis of a frame of aluminum or steel sections which can be fastened to the floor or a ceiling, have excellent strength and excellent sound-proofing properties. However, in contrast to ordinary walls, these partitions have a much greater decorative potential. Fixed partitions can be non-transparent (decorated with any materials and that is why they perfectly fit general office interior); transparent (glass) and even combined (when one part of the wall is non-transparent and the other is transparent).

Though Fixed partitions are often called office partitions it does not necessarily mean that their filed of application is limited only to offices. Trade centers, hubs, banks, public buildings, production facilities, fitness centers, educational and scientific institutions – this is a far from complete list of places, where Fixed partitions may be used.

NAYADA offers the widest range of Fixed partitions in the Russian market.