Interior partitions NAYADA-Intero-400


Acoustic partition system with hinged sections, the NAYADA-Intero-400 meets all the requirements set by the modern consumer. It harmoniously combines the advantages of different building materials, thus demonstrating strength and reliability in each design, while embodying external elegance.

NAYADA-Intero-400 allows keeping a sense of visual space, while at the same time not conceding anything when it comes to soundproofing characteristics.


    Intero-400 Intero-700
  Partition thickness 85 mm 114 mm
  Maximum height 4.5 m 4.5 m
  Soundproofing 37 dB 37 dB

Structural Features of NAYADA-Intero-400

The distinctive feature of this design – is hinged sections created using structural glazing technology. Thanks to these technical characteristics, this soundproof partition looks like a monolithic element, while at the same time not cluttering the space, due to the absence of a metal frame, and its absolute transparency.

The partition provides sound insulation level equal to 37 dB. At a very modest thickness – only 85 mm – its height can be up to 4.5 m.


Benefits offered by NAYADA-Intero-400

  1. 1. Variability. In one system, the customer can choose different ways to double-glaze the frame of the partition, as well as select from different types of finishes for the hinged panels, or simply choose mono-glazing, which implies no visible supporting structures. NAYADA engineers take particular care when working on the design of the small elements of this system.
  2. Possibility of choosing any door solutions presented in the NAYADA catalog. Among them, there are even ones with invisible doorframes – the Stels, which allow the door to be masked into panels. Moreover, panels come in a variety of finishes – veneer, laminate, and painted glass.
  3. 3. The ability to embed furniture – chests of drawers, cabinets, shelves and other elements in the working space scheme, including bilateral and storage modules, accessible from any side of the wall.

Photo Interior partitions NAYADA-Intero-400

Scope of application of the NAYADA-Intero-400 system

The Intero-400 is a constructive solution designed specifically for the planning of office spaces. It can help you organize any work area to be as comfortable as possible for your staff and visitors.

Photo Interior partitions NAYADA-Intero-400

When designing Intero-400, engineers paid special attention to ease of installation, sound insulation and variety of solutions, to give customers the opportunity to choose the best option on their own. All tasks have been successfully completed, thanks to several patented technologies – such as, for example, the sound adjustments function, when installing windows and panels.

Photo Interior partitions NAYADA-Intero-400

These partitions can be supplemented with glass with variable transparency — fully or partially.

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