Doors with aluminum lining


Doors with aluminum lining – a unique development of the NAYADA Company.


NAYADA doors are created using an aluminum frame, which is filled with filling material.

The aluminum doorframe, into which a door with aluminum lining is installed, is a proprietary development of NAYADA.

The company’s assortment includes hinged, sliding, single-leaf, double-leaf folding models, as well as doors in which an access control systems (ACS) can be installed.


By type of design, doors with aluminum lining can be divided into:

  • Blind (solid) doors. Filling material in such doors is chipboard.
  • Glazed. These doors can be single or double glazed. In the latter case, the door can be fitted with horizontal blinds. Glass can be decorated using sandblasting or films.
  • Combined. For finishing, such doors use glass as well as blind elements.

The doorframe and carcass can be painted with standard silver color (RAL 8684) or in any RAL color by request. Painting is carried out at NAYADA’s own painting line.


Dimensions of NAYADA doors with aluminum lining can be within any of the following ranges, depending on customer’s requirements and design features of the premises.

  • Maximum height of door leaf – 2500 mm.
  • Maximum width of door leaf – 1000 mm.


In testing for sound insulation, the doors with aluminum lining and double-glazing showed an average level of 20 dB.

To improve the sound insulation characteristics, laminated framed-and-ledged door are used, in which extrusion particleboard is used as the filling material.

Thanks to the availability of models of any size, with high sound insulation and the aesthetic qualities of the aluminum lining, these have become one of the most popular NAYADA-made doors among our customers.


The quality management system at NAYADA conforms to the international standard ISO 9001:2000, which guarantees consistently high quality to our products.


The warranty on the door leaf and accessories is one year from the date of installation.

High aesthetic characteristics, as well as the ability to install in almost any opening, have increased the popularity of these models among NAYADA’s customers.

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