MIX Door

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The MIX – is a cocktail of various finishing materials, a combination of glass and veneer, leather and stone, all limited only by your imagination.

The combination MIX doors are suited for the creative, demanding personalities, who appreciate extravagant solutions for their interiors.

Several inserts can be placed in the doors, on different sides of the door; these can be placed asymmetrically, or in a checkerboard pattern. It is also possible to use decorative horizontal moldings. As inserts, we can use tinted glass, patterned glass, and even glass with drawings.

The doorframe can be made of either metal or veneer. Metal frame and hinges can be painted in the color of the glass insert.

Maximum size of door leaf - 1000 x 3000 mm.

Standard fittings for the MIX door


  • Set of 3 hinges
  • Kubica hidden hinges


  • HSC lock set with Atlanta handle
  • QUADRO Z5-5675 MAB fittings with square socket, color: bronze
  • QUADRO Z5-4675 BN fittings with round sockets, color: nickel
  • QUADRO Z5-5675 BN fittings with square sockets, color: nickel
  • HOPEE Amsterdam fittings, color: matt stainless steel.
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