NAYADA-Regina Line Fireproof


Door blocks in veneer, in plastic, in the coloring of any RAL/NCS color — with fire resistance of 30 and 60 minutes (EIS30, EIS60). All types of doors are certified. The minimum dimensions are 1800*700 mm for one-leaf door, the maximum dimensions are 3000*2050 mm (two–leaf door).

As a filler, a chipboard with special impregnation (33RH in PP doors with a fire resistance of 30 minutes and 38VL in DB fire resistance of 60 minutes) is used.

The frame of the door-leaf is a shield and made by analogy with the technology of production of plywood with special impregnation, or an array of solid coniferous species of wood.

In the doorway, the falling thresholds are necessarily cut, a thermosetting seal is installed along the perimeter of the door-leaf. The thickness of the door-leaf is from 46 mm. The door-leaf can be made glazed, the area of glass — no more than 25% of the area of the door-leaf (anti-fire PIROBEL glass).

  Soundproofing up to 42 dB
  Maximum door-leaf height 3000 mm
  Maximum door-leaf width 1300 mm – for single-leaf doors
2050 mm -  for double-leaf doors
  Options for filling chipboard with special impregnation
  Types of coating veneer, plastic, painting
  Fire resistance limit EIS 30, EIS 60
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