NAYADA-After Sale

What’s this?

This is the name of after-sale service of NAYADA partitions.

Why You Need It

  • The terms of partition exploitation are being extended – the planned systematic servicing of constructions by our specialists will allow you to avoid premature damage;
  • Guarantee is extended for 1 year. It means that during 4 years all the manufacturing defects will be removed for free;
  • Lower costs of repairs not covered in the guarantee. In case of damage through no fault of ours we offer a 30% discount on all types of non-guarantee repairs;
  • You can save your time on finding the right solution – our specialist will come at your request within 24 hours.

How We Work

  1. Once a quarter our specialist will attend your apartment to diagnose the state of partitions;
  2. The specialist will carry out preventative measures. In case of finding any defects he will take measures to remove them;
  3. In case the damage was made due to the fault of your clients or colleagues, we will remove the defects at favorable prices. The discount for non-guarantee repairs is 30%;
  4. In case of necessity our specialist will attend you within 24 hours after your request;
  5. We can give you consultations on partitions exploitation.

How Do You Use the Service?

In order to take advantage of the service you should make a long term contract with our company.