Wooden partitions NAYADA-Regina


Fixed partition system NAYADA-Regina is an exclusive system of partitions decorated with finewood veneer. It combines the solidity of metal framework, the warmth of natural wood and the airiness of glass. The main peculiarity of NAYADA-Regina partition system is that the metal carcass and screwing elements are hidden. All the visible surfaces are covered by veneered elements.

The main advantage of NAYADA-Regina consists in integrated interior decoration possibility: complex decoration of walls, floor, ceiling, furniture and other elements gives an opportunity to blend various design solutions.

For decoration of our partitions we use more than 80 kinds of finewood veneer.

VIP-areas, top management offices, negotiation rooms, halls and reception zones


  Thickness of the partition 100 – 120 mm
  Maximum height 3.0 – 4.5* м
  Soundproofing 32 – 35 dB
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