Privacy policy

The copyright to this website and its content, including a 3D-model which the website visitor is planning to save and use, is owned by “Nayada-Stolitsa” OOO or used by “Nayada-Stolitsa” OOO in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. It is prohibited to copy, reproduce, transfer, download, publish and distribute any texts, images, graphs, brand marks and logos as well as combinations and groups of the abovementioned objects, source text of the programs and the program code itself, for the purposes other than private use, without a prior written consent obtained from “Nayada-Stolitsa” OOO.

These conditions are relevant to all the website visitors.

Hereby the website visitor confirms that architecture, design, development of interior designs of various types constitute one of his/her principal businesses conducted on a professional basis. By saving the 3D-model contained under this link, the website visitor confirms that the obtained object protected by the exclusive right will be used for his/her conduction of professional activity in the field of development of architectural solutions, design, development of interior designs of various types exclusively, with mandatory indication of the right owner that is “Nayada-Stolitsa” OOO.

In case of violation of the established rules “Nayada-Stolitsa” OOO reserves the right to use any remedies stipulated by law towards the breaching party.