Telescopic box


Для обеспечения возможности установки дверей в любые проемы, компания NAYADA разработала телескопическую алюминиевую коробку. Конструкция коробки позволяет компенсировать перепады размеров проема по ширине до 50 мм и по высоте до 25 мм.

To be able to install doors in any openings, the NAYADA Company has developed a telescopic aluminum frame.

The design of the frame allows compensating for the size differences in openings – 50 mm in width and 25 mm in height.

The frame has a ledge that allows installing the door in the opening without the need of using any special decorative finishes. This feature saves the customer time and reduces the cost of finishing the doorjambs.

The frame comes in the silver color (RAL 8684). By request, it can be painted using any RAL color, on NAYADA’s own painting line, or anodized.

Extension panels can be made of laminated particleboard, the same color as the doors, or in any other particleboard color, when installing glazed leafs.

Telescopic box
Telescopic box

Standart door box
Standart door box

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