NAYADA SmartWall H3


Scope of application

NAYADA-SmartWall H3 blind, accordion-shaped partitions are perfect for zoning shopping and business centers, conference halls, offices, kindergartens, schools, sports centers and complexes, dance studios, educational institutions (schools, universities), etc.

The most preferred locations for SmartWall H3 sliding partitions are the large halls, periodically need to be zoned, turning into small work spaces.

But at the same time, they should not be blocked by stationary partitions. For such purposes, transformable partitions are ideal.

Special roller suspensions will smoothly move the partition sections in the desired direction and create a blank wall of the room with sound insulation up to 43 dB.

When you close moving the sections, they are removed to a special parking lot. The length of the partition is up to 6.7 m (you can make a second one that moves in the opposite direction, and then the total length of the sliding wall will increase to 13.4 m), and the height can reach 3.5 m.

Technical Specifications of NAYADA-SmartWall H3

< td>Thickness < td>Sound insulation

 8 & ndash;80 mm
 Maximum height< / td>3.5 m
 Door leaf thickness80 mm
 Aluminum profile framing td & gt;12.5 mm
 Recommended door size< / td>up to 1020x3500 mm
 40-43 dB

Excellent solution for zoning office space-NAYADA sliding partitions-SmartWall H3

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