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Intero Doors – An elegant element of a modern office interior.

Double all-glass door leaf –is a proprietary development of the NAYADA Company, and has no analogues in Russia. Thanks to the narrow design of the supporting profile, the entire construction looks easy and graceful, does not hide the interior space, making the premises look more open. Two glass panels, attached to a profile, give the frame the necessary rigidity and provide an ideal geometry.

Intero doors can reach 3000 mm in height. The frame can be painted in any color, to match the color scheme of the interior. All kinds of hardware can be installed, the elements of which are hidden behind a special edging strip. Intero sliding door saves space and preserves the integrity of the room’s interior. Intero doors have become a platform for creativity and the realization of the most daring design ideas in the ART-DOORS product line.


  • Standard dimensions: 830 x 2040
  • Maximum dimensions: 1000 x 3000


The quality management system at NAYADA conforms to the international standard ISO 9001:2000, which guarantees consistently high quality to our products.


The warranty period of operation of the door leaf is three years from the date of installation. The warranty period applies only to the construction (excluding mounting hardware and front accessories), and is subject to following the specified operating conditions.

These partitions can be supplemented with glass with variable transparency — fully or partially.

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