Engineering and Design

Design is one of the most important stages of any project. Overall success to a great extent depends on a great variety of factors, among them there is a level of professionalism, compliance with customer's requirements, and use of modern technologies.

Design is a set of documents worked out during design works in compliance with the specification, necessary for carrying out construction works, repair, finishing and assembly works at the customer’s facilities.

Design works include:

  • Determination of sizes;
  • Analysis of project specific features;
  • Working out of design solutions with furniture and equipment arrangement;
  • Development of design working documentation;
  • Three-dimensional modeling of rooms;
  • Development of fundamental three-dimensional graphical and color and textural solution options;
  • Detailed design of approved fundamental style solutions;
  • Working out of architectural design elements;
  • Determination of sizes;
  • Development of plans, drawings, sections, necessary for implementation of approved solutions;
  • Supervision.

Designer Supervision

Designer supervision is a set of activities, performed in order to ensure compliance of technological, architectural, stylistic and other engineering solutions and characteristics with the approved by the Customer project documentation.

Supervision includes regular visits to the facility for the purpose of accurate assessment of project details as well as settlement of concerns related to project documentation, express by the Customer or building contractor.

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