Hidden doors NAYADA-Stels


The hidden doorframe NAYADA-Stels – provides security and unlimited design options

NAYADA has developed a new product – the STELS doorframe, which is installed using a special "invisible" technology. In essence, it operates thus – when the NAYADA-STELS hidden doors are closed, they merge with the wall, leaving only a noticeable borderline. This design is suitable for any room, regardless of the design style.

Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, during installation of these doors with hidden doorframe, one can apply a variety of design solutions, and as a result, the interior takes on a spectacular and mysterious look.

For the installation of the hidden construction, used in the opening are the frame profiles PN or PS 75 x 50 mm. After that, it is covered by plasterboard, which completely hides the doorframe construction. As a result, created are exquisite interior doors with hidden doorframes, which do not violate the visual integrity of the interior.

When installing a door panel with dimensions of 830 x 2040 mm, the opening should be at least 930 x 2100 mm.

Thanks to a special hinge, the Kubica KUBI K7080 (this hardware is also invisible), a feeling of solidity of the doors with the hidden doorframe is created. It is important to note one additional advantage – to break in through a door equipped with such hinges is very difficult, and therefore this design provides additional security. The distance between the door leaf and the doorframe is less than 4 mm.

The NAYADA-STELS construction is mounted using the following types of door leafs:

  • Laminated;
  • MDF 40 mm and 60 mm;
  • Textured mechanical profile.

One can choose a door with a hidden frame of the same color. It is also possible to apply an image on the door leaf, or cover it will wallpaper.

NAYADA Company is constantly monitoring the latest trends in the design and architecture spheres. Enormous experience and unconventional approach to problems provide us with an opportunity to carry out bold experiments, and implement unique ideas that never cease to surprise and delight our customers.

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