In contrast to fixed ones, mobile office partitions are not fastened to floor or ceiling. They comprise one or several modules joined by connective supports in a certain configuration. Mobile office partitions can be easily moved, dismantled and assembled in any other configuration. In addition, due to some design and decorative features, mobile office partitions are the ideal basis for workplaces arranging.

One of the most important characteristics of the room, in addition to comfort, functionality and aesthetics, is the degree of soundproofing. Sound insulation problem is particularly acute in the design of office and other public spaces. NAYADA Company has successfully resolved this problem due to the wide range of different measures providing a high level of sound insulation

«Smart glass» or variable transparency glass is an innovative breakthrough in the glass treatment technique. By changing its optical properties, glass can turn from transparent to matt and vice versa.

NAYADA-Parapetto railing system is designed for use in interriors of: shopping centers, business centers, balconies, atriums, offices, country houses.