Luca Scacchetti
Architect , industrial designer
Famous Italian architect, industrial designer, and author of many well-known series and ideas for interior design. Since 1993, he read lectures on "Elements of Architecture" and "Urban Design" at the Brera Academy of Arts in Milan. Participant in numerous professional congresses and conferences in Italy, Europe, Asia and the United States, author of essays and articles on the transformation of the architectural language and the relationships between modernity and tradition, the history of architecture and design methodology.

Marco Piva
Architect & designer, Studio Marco Piva
Italian designer and architect. He works in the field of industrial and interior design. Founder of the Studio Marco Piva and the design bureau Atelier Design. Among the many awards the designer won – are the prestigious Interior Awards, European Hotel Design Awards, and the European Community Design Prize.

Sergey Tchoban and Sergey Kuznetsov
«SPEECH Tchoban & Kuznetsov», Nicholas Barsan (ST Design)
Headed by Sergey Choban and Sergey Kuznetsov, the architectural workshop Speech Choban & Kuznetsov was established in 2006, as a result of many years of fruitful cooperation between architectural bureaus nps tchoban voss (Berlin) and Choban & Partners (Moscow) with the workshop S.P. Proekt.

Boris Levyant & Irina Prisedsky
ABD architects
ABD architects – is an architectural company successfully operating in the Russian market since 1991, working in three leading directions: architectural design, interior design and consulting services.

Vladimir Kuzmin
«Pole-design» studio
Architect-designer. Head of the project group Golf Design. Lecturer at the Department of Design of the architectural environment at the Moscow Architectural Institute. Professor of MAAM. Laureate of the State Prize of Russia in the category "Design" and the professional architects’ competition "Golden Section".

Eugene Polyantsev
With the participation of: Georgy Markaryan, Marina Rukavishnikova.
Meralstudio – is an architectural studio headed by Yevgeny Polyantsev. Founded in 1995, Main activities: design of residential, public and industrial buildings, restoration and reconstruction of architectural monuments, private interiors, furniture design.

Totan Kuzaembaev
Totan Kuzaembaev Architectural Workshop
1953 – Born in Aryssky District of Chemkentskaya Oblast (Kazakhstan)
1982 – Graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute with a degree in urban planning.
1982-1986 – Architect at GPI Rezinproekt, Moscow.
1986-1988 – Senior Architect at Mosproekt-2, workshop 3, Zelenograd.
1988-1999 – Head of design sector at NTMM, Zelenograd.
1999-2002 – Head of the group of designers at ϖ LLC.
2002 – Founded the Architectural Workshop of Totan Kuzembaev.

Francesco Morena
Francesco Morena – is an Italian architect, founder of the architectural design studio MORENA ARCHITECTS. He pursues an extensive international career in the field of architecture, design, restoration and urban planning. In addition, he is an expert in planning museum and office buildings.