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An office project for Microsoft, in which NAYADA participated, received top honors at the Kazakhstan Interior Awards 2015

02 / 11 / 2015

An office project for the Microsoft Corporation, in which NAYADA’s Kazakhstan Office participated, became the winner in the Effective Communications nomination at the Kazakhstan Interior Awards 2015.

Reflected throughout the premises are the fundamental corporate principles of Microsoft, founded on the constant integration of social life and the working environment. In the interiors of this office of a leading corporation in the IT-sector, the architects at AHR Kazakhstan / AEDAS highlighted not only the specifics of this company’s business, but also its connection to the new, rapidly developing capital city of Kazakhstan – Astana. NAYADA-Crystal glass partitions and doors, with applied opaque stripes, were used to divide the office into zones. In the entrance zone, we installed NAYADA-Crystal double-leaved glass doors.

When developing functional zoning, we paid special attention to the possibilities of creating various scenarios for work and leisure. The office was developed on the “open office” principle, with zones for informal communications, focus rooms for individual concentrated work, which all contributes to creating an informal and creative atmosphere.

Particular attention was paid to the comfort level of the workstations, which have been designed to meet the requirements stipulated in the Microsoft Design Guideline. The requirements state that a certain part of interior partitions must have good acoustical properties.

"Our goal was to create an ergonomic and convenient office space that promotes intensive work, offering various work-setting scenarios. The choice of materials and layout, together with the color scheme, helped create the office space that we desired. We wanted to emphasize democracy in the selection of materials,” says Togzhan Aubakirova, architect at AHR Kazakhstan / AEDAS.