03 / 05 / 2006

Fire-preventive partitions from NAYADA-Fireproof EI-60 Series completely meet the requirements of fire safety. The steel frame with a fire-resistant filling provides fire resistant design, and aluminium decorative stained-glass windows make for elegance and high aesthetic properties of partitions. In glazed sections multilayered glass with gel filling is used, and in solid sections vinyl covering or decorative hinged panels with plastic furnishing imitating wood or veneer can be used.

An extract from Constructing Norms And Standards "MULTIPURPOSE HIGH-ALTITUDE BUILDINGS And COMPLEXES 4.19-05" defining the use of partitions with fire resistance of EI-60: P. 14.1. The requirements of the present section are obligatory for developing technical conditions for designing fire-preventive protection in multipurpose high-altitude buildings and the complexes more than 50 m high (more than 75 m with a dwelling space).

According to CNAS, partitions with fire resistance EI-60 must be applied between hotel rooms, offices, etc.; separating premises from atrium; between corridors and hotel rooms, offices, etc.; separating elevator halls.

Another NAYADA Partition with fire resistance EI-60 has been certified