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Antique interior of bank office from NAYADA

01 / 04 / 2014

The NAYADA Company designed the interior space of the St. Petersburg VIP-office of one of the leading Russian banks. The reconstructed office building was built in the last century, and needed modern innovative structures. It is unlikely that the selected themes can be seen in any other bank offices — now there are ancient gods next to workplaces of employees and offices of executives.

The transformation of the office is aimed at reflecting the progressiveness and openness of the company, its power and reliability. All this is reflected in the implementation of space-planning solutions and the use of finishing materials. Color interior solutions are based on the contrast, which imparts a special style to the business environment.

The space planning of the office involves the corridor system. From there, employees can get in offices, reception areas, recreation zones, meeting rooms, conference room and open spaces of different departments. Therefore, the main idea of the architect is focused on the corridor area.

Photo Antique interior of bank office from NAYADA

It was possible to implement the «ancient» idea using NAYADA-Intero and NAYADA-Crystal partition systems. Transparent and semitransparent structures were used to zone the office. The space only benefits from it remaining light and airy. Undoubtedly, this reflects the progressiveness of the company, and provides a comfortable environment for the team.

Photo Antique interior of bank office from NAYADA  Photo Antique interior of bank office from NAYADA

The interior concept is based on the subject of the famous Pergamon Altar. Several key sculptures were applied on the glass of NAYADA partitions. For example, they include the battle of the Olympian gods and the Titans, which is one of the most famous monuments of Hellenistic art. This is an allegory of the struggle between good and evil, civilization and barbarism, intelligence and brute force. The frieze of the Pergamon Altar is characterizes by a special grandeur of images. This subject is the triumph of the strength of the spirit and will.

NAYADA doors concisely complete the antique subject of the interior. Both fireproof doors, blocking the spread of fire and smoke, and decorative doors were used in the project. NAYADA doors of ceramic granite are installed in the office. Intero doors are made of satinato glass and with painted black door panels.

Photo Antique interior of bank office from NAYADA  Photo Antique interior of bank office from NAYADA

Photo Antique interior of bank office from NAYADA