Archcompetition still celebrates its triumph.

16 / 11 / 2007

Archcompetition still celebrates its triumph The most interesting thing about any competition is probably that it goes on living long after the celebrations have finished and the blare of the trumpets has ceased. The second International Competition for architects and designers «Office Space: creativity, technologies, innovations» organized by NAYADA together with the Russian Architects' Association was not an exception.

Despite the fact that the award ceremony was held almost a month ago, the interest to the award winning projects is still quite strong.

From November 19th to December 21st the honoured projects will be displayed once again at one of the most prestigious architectural sites – in the VHUTEMAS Gallery.

The exposition of the winning projects will be a part of a show dedicated to the festival ARCHSTOYANIE 07. This festival together with the Archcompetition are somewhat related^ both events have been held for 2 years, they both support students and amateur architects, and they both have big prospects and ambitious plans.

However, you may find more information about their plans on November 19th, at 7 p.m. in VHUTEMAS Gallery. The gallery is located on Rozhdestvenskaya St. 11.

The following events will be also held during the exhibition:

  • presentation of works made by youth summer camp KAJA (Italy, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia).
  • multimedia presentation of works made by the students of Moscow Architectural Institute from the group of V. Savinkin and V. Kouzmin on the topic of exploring new riverside sites along the river Ugra
  • presentation of (West8) landscape objects by Adrian Gese: «Fir Cone Pavilion» and Nikolai Polisski «Borders of Empire».

Presentation of the 3rd International Competition for designers and architects «Office Space: creativity, technologies, innovations» organised by NAYADA Company and Russian Architects Association.