ArchiChallenge for Designers. The works are accepted starting from December 1st.

02 / 12 / 2011

Photo ArchiChallenge for Designers. The works are accepted starting from December 1st.

Starting from the 1st of December you are free to present your works for the first stage of NAYADA ArchiChallenge: Object 2012 competition with the prize fund of 600 thousand rubles. The contest is free and open for every one, regardless of age and the country of residence. Individual authors, as well as companies and creative teams can take part in it. The number of accepted works is unlimited. You can send your projects to

NAYADA is planning to turn into reality the best projects presented by the participants. This offer is unique among Russian design contests, because it doesn't refer to exhibition prototypes, but to off-the-shelf products intended for the global market. Their authors will receive percentage deductions of the sales, their names will appear in the official NAYADA catalogs, as well as in the lists of international expositions and on products. Students can be offered internship in our design bureau.

The projects are accepted in three nominations:

1. Object: office furniture
Regardless of a modern open space and functional mix tendencies the need in privacy remains. This nomination is for projects of furniture objects and systems creating optimal conditions for alternation of focused intellectual work and intensive communications in the absence of hierarchic barriers.

2. Object: furniture for co-working.
Co-working or “office for an hour” is a gaining popularity method of workplace design for people with independent occupation, start-up teams and all who need rented office space. Contest participants are welcome to present innovation furniture concepts corresponding to coworking office work arrangement scenario in this nomination.

3. Object: decorative surface
The third nomination makes the participants pay attention to decorative surface as a strong expressive means, which influences our perception of partitions, doors and furniture as objects for space separation. We would like to see developments, which can be mass produced with the help of the following technologies: digital cutting, texture and bas-relief shaping, incrustation, platting, multilayer structures, digital printing on smooth and relief surface. Combining of several materials and technologies is also possible.

NAYADA has set a course for cooperation with the most talented and active professionals in the sphere of architecture and design executing projects demonstrating such qualities as courage and open-mindedness as well as technical and aesthetic innovations, providing everyday use and educating experience for users and responsible approach to applied resources.