23 / 07 / 2009

A competition in original, extraordinary, surreal and beautiful designs

Photo ART-МOO: Flying cow is searching for a matchIf you're full of uncommon design ideas and believe that anything can serve a a subject of modern art, the ART-MOO competition organized by NAYADA company is just for you!

A new direction of NAYADA activity is called ART DOORS (doors that represent objects of art and have unconventional and often unexpected design).

The first robin – Moo Door decorated with flying cows – opened the way to the world of unlimited design opportunities. It became obvious that unconventional and extraordinary ideas are literally all around, and the best way to collect them is to organize a contest. This is how ART-MOO appeared, the competition in original, extraordinary, surreal and beautiful designs of doors and glass surfaces for offices and apartments.

Photo ART-МOO: Flying cow is searching for a match

Photo ART-МOO: Flying cow is searching for a match



ARTDOORS design is an original and unconventional design for NAYADA-Intero door panel, which turns a door into an independent object of art.

Performance opportunities:

Interesting color and visual effects are created by means of applying images and color combinations onto two parallel door surfaces. The picture can represent a painting on the surface, a thin film glued to it or it can be applied by means of a sandblast technology. These methods can be combined as well. For each surface 1 RAL color can be used.


Depending on design, ART DOORS can be divided into various functional groups according to the function of room (in the office: IT service, accountant's room, general manager's waiting room, etc.; at home: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc.)


Standard panel dimensions: 830х2040
The size of surfaces for applying an image: 826х2036
Transparent surfaces must be situated no less than 21 mm from the edge of the panel


Photo ART-МOO: Flying cow is searching for a matchARTSTICKERS design is an informal design of stickers applied on the surface all-glass doors and walls.


To save the workers and visitors against the attempts to go through the glass, to warn them about a transparent obstruction on their way and make them smile. Funny and at the same time useful stickers not only keep the glass intact, but also raise the spirits thanks to riotous fancy and talent of their authors. There can be one or several removable stickers corresponding the mood , lightning and the time of the year.

Dimensions: minimum thickness of the line 1 mm, the size of an image can be varied

Color: limited only by capacity of thin film producers

The ready projects are to be presented in non-legible form, in .jpeg or .cdr format. The works are accepted until October, 5th , 2009.

The authors of projects selected for the catalogue will sign a copyright agreement providing a payment in the form of royalty.

Design projects, as well as questions on the competition can be sent to: ART-MU@nayada.ru