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At the height of global trends: NAYADA took part in creating the interior of the skyscraper Mercury City

14 / 03 / 2014

The NAYADA Company took part in a grand project — the construction of the golden skyscraper Mercury City in the MIBC Moscow-City. The Mercury City Tower in Moscow, which is 338 meters high, is recognized as the highest building in Europe.

Photo http://www.mercury-city.com/

The total area of the Mercury City is 173,960 sq. m., of which 143,181 sq. m. of premises are located in the 75-story aboveground part and almost 31,000 sq. m. are in the five-level underground part. The NAYADA Company took part in the construction of 70 floors.


The solutions by NAYADA were chosen in order to comply with all fire safety standards of the building. The NAYADA-Fireproof glazed doors and partitions were installed in elevator lobbies.

The NAYADA-Fireproof system is one of the most reliable ways to protect public buildings. The structures can withstand high temperature and block a fire for 60 minutes. The aesthetic appearance of the glass partitions corresponds to the modern interior of the complex.


The ramps are designed using NAYADA-Parapetto glazed railings. Tempered glass provides high strength and resistance of the railings to shock and other mechanical damage.


NAYADA-Parapetto railings in polished profile are also installed in the stairwells.


For reference: The project of the Mercury City Tower was developed under the leadership of the People’s Architect of the Russian Federation Mikhail Posokhin in cooperation with the American architect Frank Williams. As it was planned by the architects, the Mercury City will function as a fashionable city block, organized vertically. Everything necessary for life and successful business is located in several independent, but mutually complementary spaces: ‘Class A’ offices, luxury suites in finished condition, a parking lot, shops, restaurants and cafes.