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Innovative and creative space: a notable project by NAYADA for Skolkovo Technopark

15 / 06 / 2017

NAYADA participated in a large-scale construction project of Technopark which is located on the territory of Skolkovo innovation center and is the largest one in Western Europe. Skolkovo Technopark features an area exceeding 96,000 sq.m where science and business complement each other creating a special innovational ecosystem that is intended to facilitate communication between science and business.

NAYADA provided complex arrangement of Technopark’s public areas. This project created a real challenge for NAYADA in terms of time limits, scope of works, non-standard solutions and teamwork uniting almost all the company departments. Day-and-night detailed quality control over designing and performance was provided at any stage of the project. 80% of technical solutions were developed individually for this project.

Technopark is a complex consisting of several separate buildings and constructions designed for laboratories, offices, conference rooms and trade enterprises. Closed space between the two blocks creates a unique atrium with an exhibitory showroom.

For this project NAYADA applied practice of information modeling technology: a digital 3D model of the building became the focus of the design works. Based on the Customer’s input, various products had been modeled. Construction drawings created on the basis of BIM allowed to increase efficiency of the planning and designing stages with the early consideration of potential inconsistency. At the first stage of works NAYADA successfully produced and installed a vast scope of partitions and doors for arrangement of internal spaces of Technopark within just three months; they included over 1,400 sq.m of NAYADA-Standart glass partitions, 1,775 sq.m of NAYADA-Fireproof fire-resistant partitions, and over 1000 veneered and fire-resistant doors.

For the outdoor stairway, in addition to NAYADA-Parapetto screens NAYADA produced quartz agglomerate tiles for the total area of 86 sq.m with skid-resistant insertions made from stainless steel. Entryway grid irons on the area of 108 sq.m were installed out of doors and in the wind-porch.

At the second stage of construction NAYADA produced six multicolored round reception stands with glass finish, individually designed furniture, three NAYADA-SmartWall transformable walls, total of 588 m of NAYADA-Parapetto glass screens for pedestrian crossovers and escalator platforms, 958 m of beam screens for indoor stairways, and about a hundred non-standard curvilinear mirrors.

NAYADA also created glazing for two elevator shafts with total of 324 sq.m and finished them with stainless steel portal doors.

Suspended-type foot bridges connecting two blocks through the atrium feature an interesting engineering solution for which NAYADA installed a metal substructure supporting glasses of NAYADA-Parapetto screens.

Thanks to application of information modeling technology, upon completion of design works the entire digital visualization had been obtained where every developed element could be easily identified. At various stages, for example, in the case of necessity to replace accessories, there will be a possibility to insert fast corrections into the project. Another essential advantage of this design approach is impactful visualization of the construction which final appearance could be seen by the Customer prior to its realization.