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Beautiful sport with NAYADA

05 / 09 / 2013

Sports facilities require the implementation of not only individual interior solutions for the convenience of visitors, but also of a number of design features to provide the security and safety. The NAYADA Company offers its solutions for the arrangement of sports complexes.

The design of the interior space of the wellness center Pride Wellness Club in Barvikha, created by NAYADA, was designed taking into consideration functionality, beauty and elegance. The concept of the indoor complex, which houses a sports club, a Beauty & SPA salon, a children's club and restaurant, provides for an individual approach to the health of every member of the club.

Visually lightweight construction NAYADA-Standart and NAYADA-Crystal organically fit into the multipurpose facilities of the club. The halls of the fitness center transform with the help of NAYADA-Hufcor sliding systems, simply and quickly. All-glass, fire-prevention, laminated doors and exclusive doors, finished with natural veneer of fine wood, have become an integral part of the décor. The wellness center is equipped with such furniture as wardrobes, make-up tables, lockers, a wall with safe deposit boxes, and built-in freestanding cabinets with original facades and functional content.

NAYADA designed the aqua zone of the first full format fitness center in the urban district Domodedovo, the Espada Fitness. Anti-corrosion and high sound insulation were the main objectives in creating the interior of the complex. The Aqua Zone occupies an area of 750 sq. m. and includes a sport swimming pool, a children's swimming pool, and a hot tub with comfortable seats and hydro-massage. NAYADA-Standart partitions, separating the swimming pool from the gyms on the both sides, have become a reliable barrier against moisture, water and noise.

A complex radial design of the vaulted ceiling and the requirements for the strength of panel fastenings were the feature of the design project for the Gym. It was necessary not to divide the room with partitions, but to panel the main walls with veneer. The complexity of the project was increased by the finish of the ceiling, containing built-in large windows and light elements. A particularly important requirement was the security and reliability of the structures, as the room is designed for active sports. Therefore, the panel must “sit” very hard and not deform at impact by balls.

To implement this project, a new NAYADA-Regina Line system was created, which subsequently became one of the most popular among customers. This system allows paneling columns of various cross-sections (square, circle), and to panel the existing walls without constructing additional metal frames.

The interior of the sports building of the Skolkovo International Innovation School of Management, one of the most popular Russian innovation centers, is equipped with solutions by NAYADA.

The sports building of the business school houses playgrounds and a sports cafe. Therefore, the main task during the construction of the interior of the building was a competent zoning of the area. The solutions of the NAYADA-Crystal system were used to accomplish this task. Elegant and visually lightweight glass partitions separate the aqua-zone from the cafes and the gym.

To maximize the effective use of the sports space, one of the gyms in the building is equipped with system of NAYADA-Hufcor, sliding partitions allowing separation into different areas for training and for conduct several trainings at the same time.

By creating a comfortable atmosphere of cooperation, and striving for new victories, the NAYADA Company believes that participating in sports can be turned into a benefit and a pleasure. A proper design of a sports facility’s space helps ensure good sports results.