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Unlimited design possibilities with the NAYADA-Quadro system

11 / 01 / 2018

The NAYADA Company presents a new development – a partition system with the NAYADA-Quadro door, optimally combining the possibilities of frame and frame-less partitions.

The NAYADA-Quadro system is a complex of a partition with a single glazing profile and a specially designed door. However, different variations of the door opening and combination with other NAYADA doors are possible. Single filling of sections makes the design elegant and easy. Its functionality and modern appearance will add to the appeal of any architectural solution.

The main advantage of the NAYADA-Quadro is unlimited possibilities for interior design solutions, as the system allows free experimentation with decorating of the slats. Overlaying decorative slats can be installed at any angle. They have a small thickness, so you can implement a complex pattern of cuts, while maintaining the visual lightness of the partition.

This novelty is intended for administrative and public premises, offices, and shopping centers. However, at the expense of compactness, it can also be used for zoning of small rooms.

Technical specifications:

Thickness of partition 76 mm
Thickness of glass 6/8 mm
Thickness of blind filling 6/8 mm
Maximum height 3,0 m
Soundproofing 25-35 dB

Application: in the areas of reception, meeting rooms, offices of company managers, working areas, corridor zones, libraries, boutiques, and country houses.