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Cleanliness of space without any visual noise: NAYADA for the Grain Company

03 / 05 / 2018

NAYADA participated in the creation of an office for the Grain Company, a leader in the export of Russian grain. The architects of AFTER SPACE were set the task of creating the most open space office as was possible, complete with comfortable working zones for all employees. The main idea of ​​this office was the purity of geometry and freedom from visual noise.

NAYADA-Twin glass partitions allowed the architects to keep the openness of the office, while also ensuring good sound insulation of the premises.

The invisible-doors from the NAYADA-Stels series helped achieve laconic interiors, while getting rid of unnecessary visual details.  NAYADA laminated deaf doors with wooden trim, installed in the partitions, gave the necessary visual accents and unity of style. This externally simple and clean look, in fact needed significant efforts on the part of engineers, since the doors are built into the glass partitions, without any added supports. The transom is combined with enveloping partition, which greatly expanded the space. All doors use hidden fittings.

For this project, NAYADA manufactured distinct furniture for the public areas: kitchen furniture, bar counters, wardrobes. The reception desk from NAYADA is made in the form of a monolithic block with broken lines. What is interesting, for this reception desk, we were able to combine incompatible materials – on the artificial stone Corian Glacier White a natural veneer of American walnut was applied. And chamfers were made on the stone, thus emphasizing the geometry of the lines.