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Complex interior solutions from NAYADA for the landmark project for the Parkoviy CEC in Kiev

22 / 07 / 2016

The NAYADA Company participated in the establishment of the Parkoviy Convention and Exhibition Center – a flagship project in premium segment of professional congress and exhibition facilities, and at the same time – the first project of its kind in the commercial real estate market of Ukraine.

A professional international project team was able to create a unique interior space for the congress center, the dominant idea of which is multifunctional transformation, overflow of volumes, transparency and organic unification of internal space of the building with the surrounding parkland landscape.

The Parkoviy CEC – is a unique project for Ukraine, since for the first time, a new format of exhibition areas was used in it, allowing for changing of zoning locations, depending on the needs of each event, several times in one day. Such an architectural solution, in particular, has been used in well-known venues in Europe, China and America. This multi-functional transformation capability was made possible by using the NAYADA-SmartWall sliding partitions system.

The NAYADA Company has equipped standard and common areas of all floors, as well as rooms with individual designs. All rooms are equipped with modern multimedia equipment and NAYADA-SmartWall transformable partitions, which allow changing the space to the size that is required by any event.

The NAYADA Company manufactured and installed 1,250 square meters of sliding partitions. Some partitions on the ground floor are up to 4.5 meters high! All petitions have semi-automatic control, and the blinds of the transparent partitions are controlled and activated via remote controls.

The NAYADA Company also installed more than 800 square meters of partitions made with safe NAYADA-Twin tempered glass, with remote-controlled blinds systems, NAYADA-Crystal and automatic entrance groups.

An interesting and unusual solution became the doors in the sanitary zones of the exhibition center. The doors are made of glass laminated with an opaque film inside. The highlights of these doors are the Italian Minusco fittings, thanks to which the sanitary cabins appear bright and light, as well as being very durable and safe.

The ultra-modern technical base in synergy with the functional content of the CEC, allows for hosting almost any event – from international forums, exhibitions and conferences, presentations of cars – to symphony and rock concerts, boxing tournaments and fashion-shows. All installed products are made to individual designs of architects, to meet the high standards of the exhibition center and its visitors.