Create your own style with NAYADA-Regina Line.

08 / 05 / 2007

The notion of style can be used not only in connection to clothes, shoes or accessories. Today it plays an important role in the sphere of modern office interior. The impression produced by the office on partners, clients and even rivals of a company depends on its style, comfort and functionality. The way the office space is organized may influence business relations between workers as well as working environment inside of a company.

NAYADA Company offers one of its latest and most beautiful partition lines NAYADA-Regina to create office VIP-zones, presentable offices for the executives, conference rooms, halls and reception zones.

NAYADA-Regina is a stationary partition with mounted panels finished with finewood veneer. This modern improved partition combines reserved European design and the warmth of natural wood. It offers enhanced possibilities of assembling panels of various sizes at any distance from one another thus creating extra volume and unique appearance in every partition. A wide choice of veneered panels used for façade decoration offer a possibility to realize the most challenging tasks. Here is a small list of objectives successfully accomplished by NAYADA architects and designers with the help of NAYADA-Regina Line:

  • Ledges made of material, different from that of the panels address an issue of artistic finishing of the partition in general;
  • Machined dapping inside of door units repeating the spacing of partition ledges visually hides the doors;
  • Various cables can be placed inside of a partition for leading out sockets and switches onto the front panels at the necessary level;
  • Installing sunk ledges at different width between panels allows to define panel spacing in conjunction with existing door frames, windows and other construction peculiarities;
  • Veneered floor moulding provides ideal junction to the floor and visually corrects its uneven surface;
  • Various angle connecting elements (from 90° to 270°) allow to realize complicated planning solutions;
  • The system anticipates locating built-in lamps of various types;
  • Different ways of opening panels allow to get an access to fireplugs and power shields located behind the partition;
  • A smooth transition of wall panels to the ceiling is possible. It allows to execute an interior in a unified style.

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