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Trees and forest sights: NAYADA for the Segezha Group office interior

10 / 04 / 2017

NAYADA contributed to design of the office of the Russian wood and paper holding Segezha Group.

The company’s business is directly related to wood and timber processing that defined the key direction in its office design: tones of green, light pastel shades and wooden structures became the mainstream for the interior. Such materials as veneer panels, lamellae, textiles and wooden boards had been used to decorate the office. The focus was made on wall-mounted installations produced from natural wood.

For this project NAYADA decorated elevator halls with glass panels with forest landscapes printed on them. Each of three floors occupied by the company features a specific kind of trees growing in Russia and characterizing cold desert, grove or softwood forest.

The main task put to the NAYADA experts was to cover the walls with glass panels so that the elevator halls created an effect of being in the forest.

At the first stage of the works land survey was made and outline dimensions were taken for the rooms and raised elements. After that metal frames were installed at some distance from the walls to add volume and 3D effect to the space.

Large glasses were engineered and installed with the account of all the holes designed for ventilation, sockets and elevator call buttons. Printed glasses were point-fixed with the consideration of all the solid elements including small brows near the elevators.

The total volume of works produced by NAYADA to cover the walls with glass exceeded the area of 225 sq.m.