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Dynamics and Comfort: NAYADA for IT Company Office in Kiev

21 / 01 / 2019

NAYADA equipped the office for an international IT company in Kiev. DENZA studio were the authors and architects of the project.

The new office is designed in a modern style, with multiple individual offices and work spaces. The company’s functional units pursue a varied mix of tasks, so all groups of premises were divided in blocks of offices, meeting rooms, work spaces and lounge zones.

The NAYADA-Twin sound-proof partitions and doors were used to implement the project design. The structural design opts for double glazing without vertical bearing elements. Apart from the maximum glazed areas, the NAYADA-Twin products provide for improved sound insulation and make perfect solutions for equipping executive suites and meeting rooms. The project was implemented with the use of glass partitions covered with white matt film with decorations representing infographics and birds.

Such design approach helped to equip premises used for various functional purposes, while maintaining a common design concept and the open friendly atmosphere of a dynamic workspace.